Never Buy A time Share Again!

Are time shares obsolete? Yes or will be soon. Since travel is still the number one industry in the world, timeshares will survive for a while longer because people are still gullible and can’t recognize a bad deal even if it’s staring them in the face. Time shares will decline and eventually disappear.

There is a smarter way to experience elegance and luxury on a vacation without the long-term commitment of a timeshare purchase. High cost, declining service and zero resale value should make you run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. You can get the same and better for 90% less. Read on.

Ten years ago, I was one of those gullible dumb people. My husband and I went to a time share presentation with the promise of a free hotel stay just for listening to a short presentation. We ended up spending $12,000 on a time share and that was just for one week a year. We loved the fact that it was will-able to our kids and that they would have it forever. The icing on the cake was that we could get unlimited short local stays for no additional cost anytime we wanted.

After the salesman had us hook, line and sinker, and handed us our free hotel stay just for attending the presentation, he mentioned as an afterthought that there would be a monthly maintenance fee that every owner had to chip in for. That’s only fair since we were now vacation property owners and it was only $30.00 a month. Drop in the bucket he added compared to what we will receive.

We loved the fact that we could get away locally for next to nothing. Weeks later when we finally figured out the rules and regulations and got on the computer to book our firs free vacation week-end. Everything was booked. We then discovered that you can’t book more than a week ahead.

We called our salesman to complain. He gave us a short tutorial on how to book. You have to stay on the computer (most of the day he forgot to add) because vacancies disappear quickly. We did not know there was magic involved.

We were on the computer morning, noon and night and nothing. Repeated the same process the next day. Even stayed up half a night. Still nothing. Someone always got there before us. We got close once and guess what, it wasn’t even free. There were some additional fees that we would have had to pay. $40.00 a night during the week and double that on the week-ends and holidays. Just some small fees that property owners had to pay.

Now we’re feeling like idiots and started adding things up. Maintenance fees, taxes, user’s fees and since we never got to go, we don’t know what the other fees were.
There was almost $500.00 in yearly maintenance fees and our free week that we paid $12,000 for turned out to be even more costly. Just to book that free week, cost $400-$500 in mystery fees. This information was not in the presentation. So now we’re at close to $900 for a one week vacation.

We decided to put it off and let that one week turn into 2 weeks. Now it’s use it or lose it. The rest of the story is boring. Conflicts, personal mishaps etc.
We decided to sell our time share. Figured we would get at least $10,000 for it. We signed up with a company that charged us $800 to list it. After 2 years and no results, we finally got an offer for $800.00. Well, we should have taken that because the next offer was $500.00.

No reason to write the ending to this story. So please, do not buy a time share no matter how good it sounds. Most timeshare companies will give you a free 3 day, 2 night hotel stay just for showing up. The only thing wrong is that your free hotel stay is also almost impossible to book. Most people call it a nightmare.

Here’s the smart alternative.
Here’s a great alternative! E-mail me. I will give you the link and code for you to book an 8 day, 7 night luxury condo stay for $399.99 plus a $24.95 processing fee. Over 70 popular resort destinations available and no additional fees. Groupon has some good travel saving deals. So does Hotwire, Booking Buddy, Expedia, Trip Beat, Priceline etc. They are good. This is better.

If you want a free 3 day, 2 night hotel stay. I can send you that one also. When you go to the redemption center which is open 8-4 on week days, your cost will be a $12.00 processing fee and room tax of $12-$20.00 a night. There are no hidden fees or time share presentations to attend ever, but you do have to book 60 days in advance. Holidays, weekends and travel within 60 days require a small surcharge and there are over 50 popular vacation destinations to choose from.

If you decide to use one of these certificates, I will e-mail you the redemption sight at your request.There will be a spot on the application that says “Compliments of or referred by”. I will give you that code.

Cash Savers has a spotless record of over 23 years in business and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I have used them for over 20 years. No other company comes close. There is no hidden agenda.

Paying $399.00 for a one week luxury condo stay is much cheaper than buying a Time Share. Stop wasting your money.